Our products

Affordable Pool Heating offers a range of products from diverse brands that enable pool heating and pool cleaning. Our product range offers you a choice of price and quality to suit any budget. With devices chosen from the best brands in Australia, we have access to a solar heating solution to suit your requirements and budget.

What we supply and install:

Solar Matting:

Matting of different sizes and quality to keep your pool warm throughout the months is available with us. You can get a choice of materials and colours depending on what you are looking for. Solar matting is a popular choice of pool heating, considered for its low running costs.

Solar Pumps:

Sizing the correct pump for your solar system is crucial to an efficient solar heating system. Our experienced installer can select the best option for the size of your solar system, the height of your roof and our climate.

Solar Blankets:

Keep your pool covered throughout the winter with our solar blankets that keep the water from getting contaminated as well as keeping the pool heat in. A solar blanket keeps the water tepid warm with the help of heat derived from the sun rays.

Pool Equipment:

Our range of pool equipment that we can supply and install include pool cleaners, salt chlorinators, pool filters, etc. Let us help you select the best equipment for your pool situation and install it for you. Surf through our line of products to get multiple options for what you are looking for. Ask for quotes or make queries in order to be fully sure before you invest in them.