Pool Solar absorber

bossy-siliconcollara-300x195Solar absorber is one of the most sought-after pool water heating devices that are gaining positive attention in the market. Made of materials such as Polypropylene, EPDM, PVC, Thermoplastic, etc., these mats work wonders to increase the temperature of the water by 10 to 15 degrees.

The material of the solar absorber determines the durability of the unit and is made of UV resistant material that can withstand the solar heat for long periods as well as being chemical resistant. Pool water is pumped through the solar absorber which is laid on your roof and quickly transfers the temperature from the solar energy to the water within, spreading warmth throughout the water molecules and back to the pool.

Affordable Solar only supplies and installs quality Solar Absorber and can recommend a particular type that suits your situation, roof colour and budget. We service Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Heatseaker OKU paneling

Our Heatseeker Oku solar pool heating is an extremely reliable, high performance product, which is capable of increasing your water temperature by approximately 10°C, ensuring you, your family and pool friendly neighbours get maximum fun, value and exercise out of that big watery investment in the backyard.

The Heatseeker Oku panels are manufactured in Germany and are made of high density polyethylene, which have a high pressure rating and thermal efficiencies.

The Heatseeker Oku system is ideal for installation in Australia’s harsh climate and is cockatoo and hail proof. It can handle both extreme heat and extreme cold. These panels have survived being run over by heavy vehicles and can withstand the impact of hail. Combine the panel durability with a twenty five year product warranty, Heatseeker Oku is the perfect choice for your pool heating solution.
Heatseaker OKU 1000

  • Single integrated 40mm manifold
  • Two 25mm connection pieces
  • Length 1320mm
  • Width 820mm
  • 1.08m²

Heatseaker OKU 1001

  • Four 25mm connection pieces
  • Length 1280mm
  • Width 820mm
  • 1.05m²
  • Connects to Oku 1000 Panel

Heatseaker OKU 1002

  • Dual integrated 40mm manifold
  • Length 1360mm
  • Width 820mm
  • 1.12m²
  • Ideal for narrow or irregular shaped roofs


Number of panels required for your roof direction

Pool Volume East North East North North West West
90 50 46 45 45 46
80 46 42 40 40 42
70 40 37 35 35 37
60 35 32 30 30 32
50 30 27 25 25 27
40 26 22 20 20 22
30 18 16 15 15 16
20 12 10 10 10 10
10 6 5 5 5 5

* Recommended number of panels according to pool volume in an outdoor pool without a pool cover (September to April) .

Low pressure drop Approx. 0.003 bar at 200 l/h/m2
Flow rate 150 – 250 l/m2/h
Moulded in one piece Homogeneous black
Weight Approx. 6kg/m2 + water content 6 l/m2
Testing pressure 4.5 bar at NT
Working pressure Up to 1.2 bar – 40 0C
Efficiency Up to approx. 80% – power up to 0.8 kWh/m2
Output 4-5 kW/m2 per day
Average value 0.5 – 0.6 kW/h/m2
Temperature resistance From -500 to + 115 0C