Heat pump pool heating

Heat pumps heat your pool by extracting ambient heat from the surrounding air and transferring it into a refrigerant gas which is compressed and heated further. The heat is then transferred into the pool water and in turn heats your pool. This is a very energy efficient with 80% of the required power coming from the air.

We recommend Rheem Heat Pumps for price and quality.

Rheem Thermal Series

Manufactured by Rheem at Revesby in Sydney. Favourites of the Australian industry, these units reflect the same high level specification as installed to major aquatic centres where the highest quality of component, design and control is essential. These units can be customised to your specific needs including the optional upgrade to Rheem IQ tariff intelligent control.

  • 1 Phase with 15A plug connection
  • Australian-designed and manufactured for Australian conditions with a 20 year history in the local market
  • Full marine grade aluminium case
  • Large evaporator area to maximise efficiency and heat capture
  • Market leading efficiency, varying from COP 5.2 to 5.9 at 26.6c° ambient
  • Clearly superior low ambient performance
  • Compressor housed in a sealed compartment outside of the air stream to reduce noise
  • Titanium spiralled heat exchanger
  • Highest grade commercial componentry including ultra high efficiency Copeland (USA) Compressor and EBM (Germany) fans
  • Reverse cycle deice
  • High resistant patterned coil guard
  • Rheem Cote ® anti-corrosion treatment of the evaporator
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  • Warranty:
    • 2 Years Parts
    • 1 Year Labour
    • 10 Year limited warranty on the titanium heat exchanger for any failure due to chemical corrosion