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Solar heating blankets

Solar pool blankets evoke the bubble squeezing instinct by its bubble wrap appearance. Now manufactured by a wide range of brands, this product is available in confusing abundance in the market. However, the blankets are hardly as delicate as the wraps as the bubbles are tough enough to withstand the pressure and weight of an adult jumper.

Solar pool covers are designed to serve the purpose of pool heating which actually reduces the heating costs.While the covers minimize water evaporation they also prevent heat loss to the air.


The solar pool blankets are designed to prevent heat loss particularly after night life when the air starts to get cold. You can cover your pool with a solar blanket while running the pump for faster and effective heating.Top quality products use blanket fabrics that are produced with a mixture of plastic and additives.
The blankets are designed to be exposed to the scorching sun without the plastic bubbles breaking down.The blankets are available in variable thickness and bubble size with no sharp edges. The bubble sizes vary between 8 and 15 mil. The thicker the film is, the longer they last.

Solar blanket rollers

A solar blanket roller is essential to the life and proper use of a solar blanket. It only takes about 30 seconds to roll the cover off or back onto the pool water yet it prevents costly damage to your blanket. Manually pulling a solar blanket on and off a pool tends to scrape and tear a blanket.

Most people who have tried to use a solar cover without a roller very quickly realise their mistake and order a roller.Eliminating the cost of a roller when considering a Daisy pool cover system is false economy because you will be ordering a new cover a lot sooner.

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