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Heating up a swimming pool is a costly proposition in the present time when using all electricity-run devices is a matter of perpetual and exorbitant expense. A solar pool heating pump can cut down your expenses remarkably by its low operating costs. Solar pumps are the most cost-effective solutions in cold and harsh climatic conditions.

A solar pool heating pump works in conjunction with Solar Absorber and a Solar Controller to heat up pool water. The centerpiece of a solar pool heating system, the pump is what runs the entire system.

The solar pump pulls the water up to your house roof through the pipes and sends it through the Solar Absorber where heat from the sun heats the water which then is pumped back to the pool. The pumps vary in capacity and depending upon the size the pool, the size of the Solar Absorber, the height of the roof and the distance the roof is away from the pool.

Only have a professional select the correct solar pool heating pump for your situation. Operating the pump is easy as all you have to do is just turn them on like any other electricity run pump.The solar heating pumps require to be run longer for colder water. You can add the chemicals into the pool water and run the pump until it attains the desired temperature. This not only circulates the chemicals in the water, but it also ensures a diminished growth of algae.

Pool solar controllers

Dontek solar controllers not only look great but are the smartest solar controller around. They are compatible with any type of solar pool heating so if you’re old controller has failed, talk to us about a reliable replacement.

Available in a wireless model which eliminates any requirement for sensor cables. It’s the only model available that doesn’t need batteries or wires, and comes with a problem free track record.

A solar controller is the brains behind your pool solar heating system and ensures that you’re your pool remains at your desired temperature given the various weather conditions.


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