Solar Pool Heating

Why solar pool heating?

Solar pool heating is a product of the energy-saving enterprises launched by environmentalists on the face of an expected scarcity of renewable resources. While some people have embraced the technology and walked the way of natural conservation, the remaining half is still confused as to why use solar heating systems for pools. If you belong to the later segment, scroll down the list to get your doubts solved:
The first thing about solar heating that makes it a considerable alternative to electronic heating is its low cost.

Solar pool heating is a feasible option as opposed to electronic heaters because of the diminished greenhouse gas emission due to less power required. Compounded with the twin facilities are a range of other fringe benefits that make use of solar heating systems a justified investment. The systems are fitted with lightweight and long lasting solar absorber that make them reliable.

Low on maintenance,the units can survive freezing weather conditions and the pumps use standard technology.Absence of ancillary controls makes the units easily usable.The systems are sleek and space saving.

Choices in pool water solar heating

Solar heating options for pools are more than one. You can use the pool solar blankets that spread over the water surface keeping the water content thermally insulated. This comes in the form of a bubble wrap like sheet that insulates the pool preventing heat loss.

Secondary to that is the solar pool heating system where pool water is pumped from the roof to your roof where it travels through solar absorber, the water is heated by the sun, and then pumped back to the pool.

In both the cases, sun is the source of energy that powers the systems. Combining both of these solar heating systems will give you the optimal free heating system for your pool.

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