Solar pool heating benefits

Swimming-Pool-SolarSolar pool heating has become an easy and obvious choice for the general consumers who are seriously stressed by the month-end energy bills caused by their pool. Solar pool heating has its plethora of benefits that has made the technology a billion dollar brainchild.

Affordable Solar is able to supply and install a suitable pool solar heating system for you at an affordable price in Brisbane, Gold Coast or the Sunshine coast.

Solar pool heaters use Solar Absorber tubing on a roof to transfer heat from the sun into the pool water passing through the tubes. Solar heating is a reliable system that perform all round the year. This makes availability of tepid warm water within the pool facility by raising the pool water temperature between 3 to 5 degrees above the usual temperature. Thus extending the summer season by several months and allowing you to relax in the pool just that little bit longer. Since the systems use solar heat, the water temperature remains comfortably warm longer.

There is no doubt that a swimming pool adds value to your home but having a heated pool adds that little bit extra swimming season and therefore adds more value to your pool.Plus the low running costs are a bonus.

Since sunlight is a thing that is free for all, the monthly expenditures of using these machines are relatively low. Though the initial installation cost is the same as their electronic versions, the recurrent cost are considerably lower.So now warm water is available for the cost of running a solar pump.

Key benefits of solar pool heating

  • Extends your swimming season by up to 9 months of the year
  • Low running costs
  • Adds value to your pool and home
  • No power is used to heat the pool if installed with a coexisting filter pump
  • Automatic or manual temperature control
  • Extremely quiet during operation
  • Can be installed on north, east or western roofs
  • Can be combined with any supplementary heating system
  • 20 – 30 years life expectancy